Slideshow Example for a Wedding Anniversary


Slideshow Videos are typically around 10 minutes long.  For that length of time it requires about 100 photos and 3 songs.  Many times the photos need to be scanned if they were taken before digital cameras came around.  Then more current digital photos are added to the mix.  Then I crop, color correct, touch-up areas, and remove any “red-eye” effect.  Many times the client desires to have the photos in a certain order.  This is usually done after I have all the images on the computer.  At that point the client and I sit down together to reorder the thumbnail images using a sorting software program.

Slideshows for Memorials

Now that I have the images and the music, I can begin creating the slideshow.  After they are quickly inserted into a slideshow template, each photo is then choreographed to the feel and timing of the music.  The slideshow video is reviewed by the client and tweaks and adjustments are made.  Then it is copied onto a DVD in widescreen format.  At that point, a graphic is designed to be printed on the gloss printable surface of the DVD disc itself.  A graphic is also made for the DVD case and printed on glossy brochure quality paper.  The final result is a quality keep-sake of memories on a DVD.

Prices range from $350 to $500 depending on variables such as:

  • How many images are used
  • How many need scanned
  • Desired length of video
  • Editing of music (if needed)

Price includes one DVD in its case.  Additional copies of the DVD and case are $10 each.